Our Tax School Reviews

I enjoyed the class I have learned a lot about taxes and have been able to advise international clients on U.S. tax topics that have come up. I work for a Global payroll provider and a lot of our clients are overseas so I have been able to guide them in tax issues that will affect their employee’s working in the U.S.
Shawnessy Gaynor – Oakhurst, CA

I thought the course was great. I look forward to taking the advanced tax course.

Kristina Vaughan – Chesnee, SC

I truly enjoyed the challenge of studying and testing through the multiple subjects of taxes. It was nice to have the self assessment quizzes, and the freedom to work at my own pace! The textbook made studying easy and more organized and I love that I have this as a tool to reference!

Asia Stewart – Atlanta, GA

The course has provided great insight!
Sergio Anselmo – Greensboro, NC

I want to appreciate National Tax Training School for the knowledge transferred to me through this program.
This was the best decision I took to satisfy my tax need and the NTTS served me just right.
A. Tamba Mbayoh – Laurel, MD

I appreciate the format of each lesson. It broke down the learning material into easy to understand sections.
It was just the right amount of information in each lesson so that it wasn’t too stressful to sit for multiple hours at time to study.
Magen Ingram – Newark, DE

Great Course. Very Reliable Staff.
Adam Maiti – Methuen, MA

This is a great course with a lot of important information that we all should know.
Jefferson Vidal – Jersey City, NJ

Overall great course, I learned a lot. Professor Kaufold was great and always responded quickly to my emails.

Leslea De La Torre – Lake Elsinore, CA

I really appreciate the learning process and I will highly recommend my friends and anyone who wants to explore more knowledge in the taxation field for better understanding on how the tax preparations work. Finally, thank you very much for this program and I won’t regret having this course taken with your institution.
Mark Morris – West Des Moines, IA

I enjoyed the course and I am thankful I was able to take and successfully pass. It was an excellent and well informed course that will help me for many years to come in the tax business.
I recommend this to any one looking to start a Tax Prep business full time or on the side.
Hunter Cantrell – Chatsworth, GA

The courses were very well explained and easy to understand. I appreciate you having this course for people that look forward to learning about tax laws or want to start a business on tax services. Overall I had a very good experience and I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone.
Nathali Avalos – Fairfax, VA

I would like to thank the staff and the Professor. I enjoyed this course, I’m so excited.
Vicentina Renesto – Hallandale Beach, FL

Excellent Course.
Isaac Pierce – Camden, SC

The course is excellent and helpful …will recommend it to any of my relatives.
Carlos Medina – Belleville, NJ

I started out on my journey to learn more about doing taxes and the tax laws not knowing that I would be starting my own business. Now I have the tools to do my own taxes for my business. I really appreciate the National Tax Training School. Thank you.
Brenda Jackson – Orlando, FL

I enjoyed the course and I’m considering taking the advanced course at a later date. I’m very much looking forward to my journey ahead.
Thank You!!!!
Taffi Barton – San Tan Valley, AZ

I enjoyed studying and completing the exams in this course. Due to its good and systematic methodology I was able to learn all of the topics well.

Mir Sadat – Woodbridge, VA

Enjoyed every aspect of the learning plans, quizzes and chapter exams.

Charles Scaperotto – Haymarket, VA

I loved the course!

Tara Fracaro – Eastpoint, FL

The course material is knowledgeable, easy to read and understand. By studying and completing this course one enables himself to understand and know about his tax liabilities, prepare his personal tax returns. Being a professional tax preparer one can help and serve others.
During pandemic stay home time is best to take and study this course. I am happy and enjoyed to study and complete this course during this pandemic stay home time

I am thankful and appreciate National Tax Training School for providing the opportunity of learning this course.

Abdul Ahmed – Ontario,Canada

I enjoyed taking this course. I found it very helpful and knowledgeable. I really feel like this course helped prepare me for my tax preparer needs.

Jenna Battaglia – Oakmont, PA

Overall I think the course was very helpful with me trying to pursue a career in tax preparation. I’m very thankful.

Ali Salaam – Lexington, KY

This was a great informative course that was easy to understand and study the material. I enjoyed all I learned about taxes.

Robert Moore – Binghamton, NY

I appreciate the opportunity that you gave me to achieve my goals during the pandemic crisis .

Jean-Marie Jovin – Miami Gardens, FL

Overall I appreciated, and learned a lot from the course. Thank you very much.

Kevin Taber – Auburn, CA

I was very satisfied and then some. Feel like it should answer 90 percent of what I should face as a tax preparer.

Shalanda Warner – Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you for a very informative and educational course. I feel more comfortable tackling individual tax returns from the standpoint of understanding the basis for the questions. More importantly I have a firm foundation in starting a new business as a tax preparer.

Domenic Carisetti – Orchard Park, NY

This course was a great foundation in the beginning of my career as a tax preparer.

Ashley Bione – Shawnee, OK

I loved and appreciated how each unit included examples with calculations in them.

Leisa Eto – Koloa, HI

Everything was great.

Nicauri Reynoso – Bronx, NY

The course was cost-effective and easy to navigate through.

Rayshaud Barkley – Shelby, NC

I thank the school for giving the best material so that I and other students can achieve a new goal in life.
I have nothing negative to say and I am grateful for finding this school.

Katherine Baez Cintron – Temple, PA

Great experience!

Stephen Carpenter – Cary, NC

I appreciate the intense knowledge this course has provided me. I look forward to using it all in my future career as a tax preparer.

Alismari Tapanes – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Overall, I really enjoyed the course.

Chasmin Bradford – Frisco, TX

I thought the text and exams were appropriate and adequate.

Jere Hunt – Sunnyside, NY

I felt the course was thorough and “easy” to understand.

Carol LaMora – Rolla, MO

I enjoyed and liked the course very much.

Francisco Jimenez – Delray Beach, FL

I enjoyed the online courses and the staff was very helpful whenever I needed help or have any questions, therefore i am very satisfied with the program.

V. C. – Winter Garden, FL

This program was the right choice for me! It met all my scheduling needs, almost no deadlines (within the year), great professors, quick responses, and easy to move around in the online course.
Sharon Denny – Winder, GA

Excellent course lots of accurate information I enjoyed this learning process!

Luis Valenzuela – Tucson, AZ

Very satisfied with material. I have a greater understanding of taxes.
I appreciate the insight that National Tax Training School provided.
William Landers – Greenville, NC

It was a good experience I was happy with the results. I would highly recommend anyone to National Tax Training School

Otbert Jean Charles – Orlando, FL

I am very satisfied! I will recommend this course to all my friends.
Congratulations National Tax Training School!
Carmen Vlad – Simpsonville, SC

I was very pleased with the course, and have referred it to a couple of folks. The online platform was user friendly, and was quick to response to questions. I give it a 9 of 10 on the overall program.
Carlos Menduina – Hazleton, PA

I loved the course and very easy to understand because on how it explains it.
Martha Barrientos – Bakersfield, CA

Thank you for this course. I have learned many new things which will help me in continuing my path towards accounting.

Aksana Radzevich – Philadelphia , PA

The material was extremely informative. I loved the examples that were presented.
Flora Betts – Shorewood, IL

Complete course with lots of details. Very helpful for tax prep. business and self tax preparation.

Tatyana Menshikova – Louisa, VA

I think that the course was well put together.
David Chappell – Spanish Fork, UT

The course was well written an the examples were very good, which helped me achieve a practical grasp of the concepts.

James D. Groce – Frisco, TX

This was so great and a very helpful experience!
I look forward to using the reading material as a resource for at least the foreseeable future for myself in my tax preparation business.

Melina Young – Williamsburg, OH

Amazing Course.

Y.R. – Miami, FL

This was a very thorough and challenging course.
While there was a lot of data and information packed into the course, I felt the over-all presentation was well apportioned to the modules and fairly easy to digest.

Christopher Bush – Lutherville, MD

I thought this course was well designed and easy to follow and complete.
I appreciated being able to study the course!

Shelby L. Stewart – Middlesex, NY

I really enjoyed the lessons.

Amanda Reid – Madison, AL

Overall, the course was informative and gave a good foundation for completing tax returns. The instructor was accessible and addressed my questions quickly and thoroughly.
I enjoyed taking this course and I would highly recommend it.
Ronald Pollack – Royersford, PA

The course was extremely friendly in regards to what was expected, the layout of the readings and the questions of the exams.

Kevin Meadows – Anaheim, CA

Loved the course.

Elva Pflug – Danville, KY

Overall this was a great course. I learned a valuable amount of information.

Demetrios Huggins – Glenville, NY

Learned a lot, excellent information.

Tin Thwair – Fort Worth, TX

The course was concise and informative. It contains the right amount of challenging material. I will carry this learning experience with me for a lifetime.

T. L. – McAllen, TX

I love how everything just flows together. I went from one section to the next and I was able to keep up with everything that I was reading. I loved this course and look forward to the advanced course.

Diona Moss – Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for the chance I had to do this.

Priscilla Gonzales – Los Osos, CA

Considering how complex the tax code is, this program made it easier to understand. I liked the flow of the course being that it is worked through in small sections that build on each other.

Leslie Cape – Hanover, PA

Enjoyed the course! Thank you.

Lindsay Filak – New Hope, MN

I enjoyed all of the information provided! … this course has been very helpful.
Lacy Hembree – Seneca, MO

I would like to thank The National Tax Training School for providing a great course and the chance to advance with a career in tax preparation. I will recommend the school to my friends and family. Thanks again!

L. P. – Silver Creek, NY

I really enjoyed this course. I’ve really learned a lot through this course. The training technique was quite simple, using the examples. I feel that I have accomplished a lot. Looking forward to further courses with National Tax Training School

W. D. – Miami, FL

Very helpful instructors. The material was mostly self explanatory and allows for individual completion without too much interference from others.

Alisa Caputo – St. Augustine, FL

Easy detailed and helpful course.

C. H. – Springfield, VA

Very satisfied with this online course.

D. K. – Hesperia, CA

Good course overall. I work with two gentlemen who have done taxes for many years, and they were impressed by the review the course encouraged. I found the exams challenging but not overly so and was impressed by the breadth of the materials. I would recommend this course to others looking to gain knowledge for employment in the field or for a more complete understanding of the tax system.
K. R. – Phoenix, AZ

This was a very productive refresher course for me. It did cover some areas that I generally do not have exposure to; so I learned new things as well.

Nancy Priebe – Frederic, WI

The program was helpful.

D.G. – Riverside, IL

I believe the entire course is perfect fit for people with a busy schedule. I’m a family man my self and have 2 jobs but still managed the course material as long as you study it in your free time. the 3-4months long you go through you don’t even notice it. Peace up!

Mateo Manera – Largo, FL

Thank you. I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and helped me get a better understanding of our tax laws and prepared me well to get started as a tax preparer. Thanks again.
M. M. – Yonkers, NY

Thank you very much. I found the course to be highly informative while still remaining concise enough to remain practical. If I ever encounter anyone searching for a similar service, I will recommend your school.
B. G. – Pittsburgh, PA

Testimonial 17E125

This was a very helpful, thorough and comprehensive course that covered all of the essentials to have a working knowledge of the tax basics. Thank You!
P. D. – Brooklyn, NY

I have nothing negative about this course – I have been doing taxes for my family for a couple yrs now…. gave me a new way of understanding them especially with vehicles and self-employment.

Angela Murray – Gilbertsville, PA

Excellent experience. The material was well explanatory. Exams make you think.
A. O. – Powder Springs, GA

Good Course – lots of details … Very beneficial!
P. C. – Tuscola, TX

Really enjoyed the course and appreciated the ease in navigating through the online course. It was good the exams forced you to read and re-read the material. The knowledge and the material will benefit me in the future
A. P. – Grosse Tete, LA

Testimonial 110417

As a student who just migrated in the land of opportunity, it was a great pleasure to be part of National Tax Training School. Being new to this kind of program I found it challenging and I’ve gained new knowledge and understanding on how the system works. Thank You.
M. W. – Walnut, CA

I really enjoyed my tax course. It was helpful learning income taxes in detail. I definitely recommend it. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.
N. V. – Farmersville, TX

Thank you for all the help it’s awesome working with your company.
D. A. – Chatsworth, CA

The course was intense, but very informative. It is completely new field for me, but I found it to be useful in my current professional activity.
D. K. – Brooklyn, NY

Excellent Course!
J. E. – Lomita, CA

The course was quite extensive, very thorough and it will be a staple of my practice for years to come as the technical nature of the material in my opinion is quite valuable. I would highly recommend this to any one who wants to get into the field of accounting.
S. S. – St. Peters, MO

The information was very informative and well written. An excellent program.
R. S. – Buckeye, AZ

I feel the learning experiences are relevant to the real world. The program is well designed and gives me the knowledge to continue my career.
J. F. – Miami, FL

This was a great learning experience. Fairly easy to understand, well written, comprehensive and thorough.
M. T. – Orange, CA

I really enjoyed this course. I also feel like I have a greater knowledge how taxes work. Thank you for giving me the insight and knowledge I need to be able to do taxes.
C. W. – Camdenton, MO

Thanks, it was a lot of work but I really wanted to accomplish this milestone. I really feel like it will be the key which opens the door to my future. All thanks to the great staff and support system of the National Tax School.
B. C. – North Andover, MA

I would like to thank your organization for a great learning experience with this program. I feel confident in my knowledge in both the Federal and State tax requirements. I would highly rate this program to anyone interested in this field of study.
M. L. – Fullerton, CA

I was very impressed with the quality, thoroughness and clear structure of the materials. In addition, the modules were just the right size – digestible – so as to keep me motivated. Also, I appreciated very much that the materials were available both on-line and in hard copy. I was also very impressed with the responsiveness of my course coach and the speed with which my exams were graded and returned to me.
It felt like being back in School all over again, which was exactly the feeling I was trying to get.
I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in getting a complete understanding of the US tax system for individuals and small businesses.
B. D. – Scherz, Switzerland

Great Program! The course was excellent and I would recommend to others.
L. J. – Gurnee, IL

The National Tax Training School’s Federal Income Tax Course served my purposes very well. The course was a thorough survey of Federal taxation, the materials and testing procedures were well organized, and the customer service when needed was excellent.
E. G. – IRS Office of Chief Counsel – Washington, DC

Thank you for all your support. I enjoyed the course. It was just what I needed to understand
the things I need to do for my business taxes. I would recommend your course to anyone interested in learning about taxes. Thanks again for your help.
D. C. – Greenbrier, AR

NTTS is unparalleled. NTTS has been playing an excellent role in the economy of the United States of America. I am so happy with the NTTS.
M. S. – New Britain, CT

Thank you, I have enjoyed this course a lot!!
D. S. – Pinellas Park, FL

Excellent Course.
L. T. – Alhambra, CA

Thank you so much. I have enjoyed the course and I have learned a lot.
H. T. – Las Vegas, NV

I am so glad that I took this course! Very happy with all the help I received along the way.
B. D. – St. Louis, MO

Thank you, program was great and well put together. I am impressed how easy this complex subject was understandable.
F. C. – Brooklyn, NY

I am enjoying the course material and have found the subject more fascinating than I expected. Thanks to you all for the great program, and the clear explanations.
K. S. – Burton, WA

Very detailed and cleverly written exams to help really understand the process.
D. B. – Grass Valley, CA

I Recommend this School for people who want to have a better future in life. Materials and explanations easy to understand and helpful even though English is my second language. Teacher answered questions fast.
N. C. – Ocala, FL

This was a great opportunity. I feel I learned a great deal! It was helpful to be able to do work when I had time and be able to go back over the material when needed.
H. P. – Glenford, OH

Loved it!
V. D. – Bluffton, SC

Much more information than I expected. Hope to use this information and become a Tax Preparer. Thank You.
J. J. R. – Kerman, CA

The course was written really well, challenging but easy to comprehend. I Loved it!
M. H. – Jacksonville, TX

This has been a truly transforming and intellectually liberating and stimulating experience. The quality, depth and scope of the course contents have been unparalleled compared to what is available among other institutions or Agencies, as evident or corroborated from my present interactions since my arrival in the U.S.
I am extremely elated to have participated in the National Tax Training School’s Income Tax course and indeed look forward to a continued relationship.
W. D. – Phoenix, AZ

This was a very useful course and I appreciate all of your help.
A. B. – Solana Beach, CA

Thanks so much for your course. I found the course to be easy to follow and informative. It provided quick responses and feedback, clear explanations of assignments and grades. What I like most was how I was able to set my own pace. I would highly recommend others to take this course.
T. G. – Baltimore, MD

Indeed, this course was so helpful to me. I have now a better and clear understanding of US Federal Taxation which seemed so complicated and confusing before. Thank you for all your time, effort and help.
E. L. – Beloit, WI

Very pleased with the outcome. Over 700 clients and growing this third season since completing course. This course was a home run!
J. A. – Waco, TX

This was a great and challenging experience! Thank you for a wonderful experience.
M. G. – Phoenix , AZ

I immigrated from India one & half years ago. I started my Federal Income Tax Course from National Tax Training School and completed my course in only 10 weeks. This was due to the reason that this great, informative, but not burdensome course is written in a very simple accessible language with no complexities. One can easily grasp the course. I wish every success to the school & staff for the guidance & support which enabled me to earn something good in a new country.
M. K. – Ridgeland, MS

Thank you for all your guidance, unwavering assistance and follow through from the beginning to the end while I was taking this course. They are much appreciated!
M. C. – Berkeley, CA

I have been very impressed with the quality of the course material, reference books and support offered by the school.
E. O. – Ittigen bei Bern, Switzerland

This course is great! I can study in my own time and space. It helped me understand and learned the content and applications about taxes.
L. W. – Edgewater, MD

Thank you for a challenging, informative course. I was able to obtain tax preparation employment with a CPA office due to my enrollment in National Tax Training School.
C. C. – Medford, ME

I was impressed with the professionalism of the student services and instructors as well as the depth of knowledge of the overall course material.
H. S. – Elkhart, IN

Very informative and not overly burdensome. Pertinent info was well covered. Was clear and understandable with numerous examples. Provided strong overall knowledge.
 D. O.  – San Jose, CA

I have found your program to be very stimulating, and an excellent source in preparation for meeting tax preparation requirements. Your courses have certainly exceeded my expectations.
M. E. – La Verne, CA

This much material and still teach it well, you’ve done a great job!
K. B. – Harleysville, PA

I must say that you guys have really excellent customer service… this was way above my expectations and I very much appreciate your attention.
P. E. – Schaffhausen, Switzerland

I find this course interesting, challenging and vitally important to my work
S. E. – Exeter, NH

I found the course quite thorough and challenging. I feel it was quite helpful having the physical binder for easy reference and access. I look forward to continuing this professional relationship.
F. C. – White Plains, NY

It is commendable
R. A. – Florence, NJ

Just a note to say thanks for the great courses you provide. I was really impressed with that course and for all the additional material you provide to enable me to build a thriving tax business.
C. P. – Waxhaw, NC

I truly enjoy this course. The courses are structured in a way that allows me to truly follow and understand the concept.
V. S. – Waverly Hall, GA

I just got my Certificate from your School, I love it. At the same time I want to thank you, it is a great course, I also received my Enrolled Agent Card.
F. L. – Hyde Park, NY