Federal Income Tax Course

Everything you need to become a tax professional, in one online course!

Our nationally accredited course has taught over 40,000 people how to prepare individual and small-to-medium business tax returns.

Enjoy…Nationally-Accredited IRS-Approved Tax Course Guides You Through Federal Taxation

  • A cutting-edge user interface
  • 20 easy-to-master lesson units with engaging video lessons
  • Clear and accessible modules, including comprehensive readings
  • Real-world case studies demonstrating how to prepare taxes
  • The 2024 Federal Income Tax Course now available.

The National Tax Training School’s course system and teaching methods have been honed and perfected continuously for decades, while always incorporating the latest remote learning innovations. Through its clear and accessible online training courses, you’ll learn all about Federal tax return preparation in 20 easy-to-master lesson units.

Study online using any smart device—computer, tablet or even your web-enabled cellphone, via our student learning portal. Each unit takes about eight hours to complete. Students can receive certification in as few as eight weeks—or spend as much time as desired, up to one whole year.

In addition, the complete course lesson text is also provided to you in hard copy form, for your convenience and ready reference when your internet connection isn’t available.

Learn at your own pace

8 weeks or 12 months—your choice

Each of the 20 units takes about eight hours to complete.

  • Motivated to get started fast? You can hunker down and earn certification in as little as eight weeks.
  • Juggling a family or job and need to take it slower? You have up to a full year to complete the material and get certified.

Full tuition: $895
3-Payment Plan: Three monthly payments of $308 each – Total $924
First payment due with enrollment.

Above fees include the $125 Registration Fee.

See our refund policy and terms.

What will I get in this course?

Our complete Federal Income Tax Course includes:


You will learn all about federal tax return preparation in 20 online easy-to-master lesson units.  This includes thoroughly practical always up-to-date text and engaging videos. The training materials are designed to give you a sound foundation for success in tax preparation by covering all pertinent phases of the Federal individual income tax and how it applies to every day business and personal transactions. Particular emphasis is devoted to tax saving ideas, methods and strategies. Hundreds of examples and illustrations help you understand – and retain – the various tax rules, regulations and procedures. 

Learn how to prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses:

  • Prepare sample tax returns for different taxpayers and businesses
  • Become familiar with the multiple tax preparer forms and schedules
  • Test your skills with real-life case studies

“Real life” case studies give you the opportunity to test your skills in preparing sample tax returns for different taxpayers and small business enterprises. These are designed to fully familiarize you with the various tax forms and schedules you will use as a tax preparer.


Test your mastery, identify areas needing further review, and learn through the challenge of testing. The course materials are accompanied by hundreds of practical problems and their solutions to challenge you, motivate you, and help you learn the principles behind the course content and develop the resources to solve new problems as they arise in your practice.


Develop strategic tax planning and consulting skills:

  • Learn how to devise tax-saving strategies for individuals & businesses
  • Use specially formulated tax planning problems to get hands-on practice
  • Become a tax expert who can save clients significant sums in taxes

Specially formulated tax planning problems will give you “hands-on” practice in devising tax-saving strategies for individuals and businesses, so you can develop strategic tax planning and consulting skills.


Enjoy the personal attention of a skilled professional tax instructor:

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be assigned a skilled instructor who will serve as your personal guide throughout the course (and beyond!). Your instructor will provide guidance, coaching, and any required review and remediation you may need to succeed. We pride ourselves in the quality of our personalized student attention.


Get tested…and get your certificate!

Following each master unit, you’ll take a series of online, interactive examinations to reinforce your learning and monitor your progress. Your test results will be graded automatically, instant feedback will be provided. Your instructor, will be glad to provide you with detailed, personalized help on any of the topics covered.


You are entitled to our Consultation and Advisory Service for one year following the date of your enrollment in the tax course. You may request consultation, expert advice and guidance on matters covered in the course which affect the establishment and operation of your tax practice, and subject to availability of staff time, technical questions and problems relating to income tax law and procedures may be submitted to us for authoritative answers or referral to sources of additional information.

Building and Operating a Successful Tax Practice Book

This 250 page text – an exclusive and comprehensive business building guide – published by National Tax Training School, will show you how to start and develop your profitable tax practice in your own home or office – part time or full time. It contains full instructions on how to get clients, what to charge, making your business grow, dealing with the IRS, etc. The book will give you a wealth of practical information and specific techniques that would normally take you years to acquire and which you can use at once to help you get established and get ahead faster as a tax preparer. The manual will be shipped as soon as you have completed the basic portion of the course.

Testimonial Speech Bubble What students say about the course:

I enjoyed taking this course. I found it very helpful and knowledgeable. I really feel like this course helped prepare me for my tax preparer needs.

Jenna Battaglia – Oakmont, PA

This was a great course. Very in depth. I feel fully prepared to work as a tax preparer!

-T. A. – Warr Acres, OK

I just finished my final exam. Very excited to accomplish this tax course with NTTS. The assignments were very easy to understand. I took me 6-7 weeks, I have a new career! I am grateful for NTTS. Will recommend to anyone.

-P. E. – Riverdale, GA

I really enjoyed this course. I’ve really learned a lot through this course. The training technique was quite simple, using the examples. I feel that I have accomplished a lot. Looking forward to further courses with National Tax Training School

W. D. – Miami, FL

Thank you very much. I found the course to be highly informative while still remaining concise enough to remain practical. If I ever encounter anyone searching for a similar service, I will recommend your school.

B. G. – Pittsburgh, PA

I really enjoyed taking this course. Being able to work at my own pace and having a a whole year to complete everything, was such a great help and stress reliever. In the end it felt so good accomplish my goals.

B.R. – Ocala, FL

This was a very helpful, thorough and comprehensive course that covered all of the essentials to have a working knowledge of the tax basics. Thank You!

-P. D. – Brooklyn, NY

Good Course – lots of details … Very beneficial!

-P. C. – Tuscola, TX

Really enjoyed the course and appreciated the ease in navigating through the online course. It was good the exams forced you to read and re-read the material. The knowledge and the material will benefit me in the future

-A. P. – Grosse Tete, LA

As a student who just migrated in the land of opportunity, it was a great pleasure to be part of National Tax Training School. Being new to this kind of program I found it challenging and I’ve gained new knowledge and understanding on how the system works. Thank You.

-M. W. – Walnut, CA

Thank you for all the help it’s awesome working with your company.

-D. A. – Chatsworth, CA

The course was intense, but very informative. It is completely new field for me, but I found it to be useful in my current professional activity.

-D. K. – Brooklyn, NY

The information was very informative and well written. An excellent program.

-R. S. – Buckeye, AZ

I feel the learning experiences are relevant to the real world. The program is well designed and gives me the knowledge to continue my career.

-J. F. – Miami, FL

I would like to thank your organization for a great learning experience with this program. I feel confident in my knowledge in both the Federal and State tax requirements. I would highly rate this program to anyone interested in this field of study.

-M. L. – Fullerton, CA

Great Program! The course was excellent and I would recommend to others.

-L. J. – Gurnee, IL

The National Tax Training School’s Federal Income Tax Course served my purposes very well. The course was a thorough survey of Federal taxation, the materials and testing procedures were well organized, and the customer service when needed was excellent.

-E. G. – IRS Office of Chief Counsel – Washington, DC

NTTS is unparalleled. NTTS has been playing an excellent role in the economy of the United States of America. I am so happy with the NTTS.

-M. S. – New Britain, CT

I am so glad that I took this course! Very happy with all the help I received along the way.

-B. D. – St. Louis, MO

I am enjoying the course material and have found the subject more fascinating than I expected. Thanks to you all for the great program, and the clear explanations.

-K. S. – Burton, WA

Much more information than I expected. Hope to use this information and become a Tax Preparer. Thank You.

-J. J. R. – Kerman, CA