Our Tax School Reviews

July 5, 2024

This course is amazing. It is the best course that can get you on the right path to become a successful tax preparer.

Gedeon Elias – Salisbury, MD

June 27, 2024

The online platform was perfect!

As for your customer service and speed of response, it was excellent!

Monica Goldstein – Asheville, NC

May 14, 2024
I enjoyed the video and voice attachments.
Rakeisha Bartley – Midland, TX

May 6, 2024
Really enjoyed the course! The quizzes and exams were perfect length and it was easy to find relevant information for those quizzes and tests in the readings.
Andrew Clark – Fargo, ND

May 6, 2024
The course was very good. I was really very satisfied with the course.
Giovana Barcelos – Basking Ridge, NJ

May 6, 2024
Everything was easy to understand.
Katherine Robles – Lodi, NJ

March 19, 2024
Taking this course has been great blessing. I have acquired enough knowledge in this field. The studies were easy to understand and the instructors teaching were clear and accurate. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to start new career in this field. God bless you all.
Abigail Breakthrough – Columbus, OH

March 29, 2024
The National Tax Training School was very beneficial to me as I started preparing income tax returns. This course helped me to better understand the tax concepts as well as, the ever changing tax law regulations. This coursework has provided a great foundation for me in this new venture of income tax preparation.
Kirk McCollum – Gas City, IN

February 12, 2024
I was glad that I chose you to take that class. I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone.
Wislet Saint Preux – Powder Springs, GA

February 1, 2024
This course was very well done. I really enjoyed the videos that were provided. I want to say thank you to the instructors that put so much time into creating this course. I am confident that my future as a tax preparer looks bright. Thank you again!
Tori Brown – Rhinelander, WI

January 19, 2024
Overall it was a lot of great information and I am very much prepared to take on this tax season.
Beatriz Brown – Nederland, TX

January 25, 2024
I am delighted to have continuous access to this course site, allowing me to revisit the reading materials and further enhance my understanding of tax law. The availability of the provided forms on this site proves to be exceptionally beneficial, and the ease of accessibility adds to its overall utility.
Jemal Abdulla – New Brighton, MN

January 16, 2024
I have learned a lot about taxes. I don’t regret I took the class at National Tax Training School
Johnny Ynseul – Lauderdale Lakes, FL

January 14, 2024
I am extremely grateful and glad I was able to complete the course.
Gloria Barrera – Round Rock, TX

December 4, 2023
The course was overall good for me. It was precise and pin-pointed. I liked it….

The instructor, was very helpful. Whenever, I emailed him with a question, he took the pain to reply to me with necessary explanations/clarifications.

I would like to thank all of the members in the NTTS team for their invaluable contribution towards achieving our goals.

Thank you so much.
Kazi Asaduzzaman – Hollis, NY

November 22, 2023
This was a wonderful course filled with useful information. It was easy to follow making learning a pleasure. Thanks for the curriculum.
Henry Cohea – Arthur, TX

November 16, 2023
This course was wonderful for my own experience and I am available to recommend it for other people who want to become a tax preparer. The video support was very important and each example case too. I would like to say thank you to every professional who contributed to this course.
Thank you very much. I appreciate you.
Yudelquis Batista Sambert – Elizabeth, NJ

November 13, 2023
I would like to say thank you because I had a great study experience with you. All the material and resources were very useful to complete each chapter quiz and exam. I appreciated the videos provided in the modules because they provided extra information. This is the start of a new profession for me, and you gave me the resources to become a tax preparer in the United States. I will recommend this course to any of my friend who wants to learn a new profession.
Aliannys Lahera– Carteret, NJ

October 27, 2023
I think the summaries and key points after readings were helpful as well as the videos on the dashboard for certain assignments. The platform was easy to access and understand!
Lauren Mashaw – Boonville, NY

October 19, 2023
Really appreciated the videos that explained some of the context.
Brooke A Gladstone – Bradford, VT

October 10, 2023
The course was great. Looking forward to using you again in the future.

Casey Alan Blankenship – Beaumont, TX

October 9, 2023
This course covered so much information. I appreciated the fact that the quizzes & exams weren’t timed & I had multiple tries to achieve a better grade. I look forward to being able to apply what I have learned to help my employer and clients.

Jessica Ann Bonecutter – Cranberry Twp., PA

September 11, 2023
This course provided me with the knowledge and the material that will benefit my future endeavors. I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative, easy to navigate and the pace was on my own speed. Thank you for preparing me to be a future tax preparer.

Nadine Harshaw – Cumming, GA

August 7, 2023
Personally I think the way the materials and the way the exams was structured is very good.

Joycelyn Gordon – Harrisburg, PA

July 30, 2023
As a newbie in this field, it was worth it taking up this course since the topics explained in the reading materials are in layman’s terms and easy to comprehend.

Gladys Trixie Ko – Hawthorne, NV

July 21, 2023
I enjoyed the course and I am looking fwd to the next course.

James Newton Jr – Durham, NC

August 27, 2023
I enjoyed this program. It really fit into my day-to-day obligations. I found the material very informative. My instructor was available when needed for further clarification. I would say that even though this is a self-paced course, it is important to study all the materials provided. I would definitely recommend this course those looking to gain additional knowledge in this field. Thank you.

Vanessa Hanks – Waldorf, MD

July 10, 2023
Thank you for all the hard work with putting this course together!
The information was very informative, and the binders will be great reference materials!

C. L. – Hudson, NY

June 5, 2023
Friendly and Helpful Administrative Staff.

Ahmad M Abushaaban – Richmond, TX

June 12, 2023
This course was informative and educational. Teachers were helpful and courteous.

Gabriel J. Munoz – Weslaco, TX

July 24, 2023
I am very satisfied with the program. The textbook and learning platform canvas was easy to use and appropriate.
The professor and the staff were supportive and helpful. I am grateful to everyone!

Ivette Alonso – Miami, FL

July 14, 2023
A very good course.

Iryna Kutsilina – Greer, SC

June 10, 2023
I love this class training online and also provided by materials. I learned a lot about the federal income tax concepts, and I feel those good examples help me understand the concepts more clearly. I’ll recommend this the school to my friend who is interested to learn taxes.
Many thanks to the school and course professionally designed and produced

V. W. – Chandler, AZ

July 9, 2023
The course was great, love it. Keep it up!

Raymond Munoz – Bronx, NY

June 8, 2023
Excellent Program

E. M. – Little Falls, NJ

The information in this course was very condensed, with examples at each step that helped me understand the theory better! Thank you for the opportunity to enroll in this course!

Cristina Cociorva – Lyman, SC

The course was very informative and I learned a lot.

Britany Whitesel – Midlothian, TX

I feel that the course is great for anyone that prepares taxes as a service to others.

Rodney Lewis – Matteson, IL

The quality of the course is very good. I believe it is understandable for people in different levels of knowledge about the topics, but it also offers very technical concepts. The examples really help memorizing the concepts and the mechanic of calculating.

Talles Jean Corgosinho Rosa – Pompano Beach, FL

I am very thankful for this course. I have been looking for one for a long time.
The version you offer is cheaper, more flexible (online), and, as a bonus, I received the supplemental materials!
Thank you very much

Irina Banari – West Springfield, MA

Excellent Course

Linda Bethoney – Lake Havasu City, AZ

I really enjoyed learning all the details and appreciated all the examples that were provided. The case studies will also be super beneficial for me in starting my career. Thank you.

Angelica Rodriguez – Norwalk, CT

The course was very good. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Glenda Howard – Lucedale, MS

June 3, 2023
Really appreciated the amount of time we have to complete this course.

Maria Valadez – Hanover, MD

I am grateful for the class. It was very informative.

San Antonio, TX

The course was very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone.

Valerie Thomas-Lynch – Sunrise, FL

Thanks for providing both printed and digital materials. I preferred studying and referencing the printed materials over the digital versions. It was helpful to be able to take the quizzes and exams online. I especially appreciated the very prompt scoring process and real-time access to updates, modules, grades, etc.

Kee Prusinski – Grantsburg, WI

December 12, 2022
I found this course to be exactly what I needed to begin as a tax preparer. It was well presented and followed a logical path.
The few times I had a question for my instructor, the response was quick, clear, and helpful.
P. J. – MO

The course is very well designed. Thanks

Maricela Chavarria – Green Bay, WI

I truly loved this course. I am also an Accounting Professor, so I love that I could integrate much of what I learned here to provide additional context to my small business owners and students.

LeKeicha Scott – Tampa, FL

Good course. Learned a lot.

Keith Whitter – Clearwater, FL

This is a very thorough, and professionally produced course.
Cassandra Eleazer – West Haven, CT

October 30, 2022
I was satisfied with the course’s curriculum and testing methods. I feel the course is thorough and comprehensive.
The self-paced style of learning helps to make it convenient.
Elizabeth Zarrella – North Easton, MA

The course was very helpful and knowledgeable. I knew the basics about tax return and this course helped me understand the full scope of processing taxes.
September 30, 2022
Tracey Stevens – St. Petersburg, FL

Everything was great for me and this course helped me understand this subject.
Karina Benner – Bartlett, IL

I liked the course it was straight forward very informative and perfectly challenging. Thank you!
Dania Angelica Pavon Ruiz – Tucker, GA

Everything was great

Madeleine Kelman – Brooklyn, NY

Great course with very helpful materials. I will recommend this school to all, family, friends and co-worker who want to learn about taxes.

Lafontant Saint Germain – Westerville, OH

Honestly, this was an amazing course and easy to follow.
Abhijeet Singh – Massapequa, NY

Thanks for the training, very intuitive!

Ed Sorenson – Kenmore, WA

The course was very informative. It is very detailed on the information you need to know as a tax preparer. A few years ago, I took a class to volunteer to prepare taxes and the class was not this detailed and very basic. National Tax Training School class was amazing, and I learned more than I expected. I will definitely be taking the Advanced Federal Income Tax Course.
Surayyah Wolfe – Avenel, NJ

I did enjoy the program. I have thought about taxes for awhile and I am glad that I took the time and jumped in to do this.

Chris Boots – Riverdale, UT

The course is informative, thoroughly disclosed material, good explanation, detailed examples, real practical cases. Effective practical guide for this who want to get started tax practice.
Gulnara Artambayeva – Morris Plains, NJ

The online course was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will highly recommend this course to friends and family who are interested to become a tax preparer like me.

Jimmy Noisette – Miami, FL

There is a really useful and clear course, thank you for job!

Dmitrii Ustselemov – Huntington, NY

I 100% recommend this program, the study readings and exams were perfect for me as a beginner to learn about everything related to taxes.
I think this course has prepared me enough to be able to have my own tax business.
Kellin Ramirez – Union City, NJ

I really liked that this course is very flexible. I make my own schedule. This is perfect for people that work full time and have children.

Pamela Cofresi – Lawrence MA

I am very satisfied with the class. I learned quite a lot and I am certain that I will be applying the knowledge acquired throughout my work.

Jean Erve Pierre Louis – North Easton, MA

The instructors are the best and get right back to you with the answer to your question.

William J Huber – New Castle, IN

The versatility of the material was excellent. I was able to easily jump from computer to iPad to workbook. I loved that I was able to work at my own pace with whatever material I desired.

Gregory Perez – Bear Creek Township, PA

The program was quite appropriate and with the information you need to study. The platform is easy to use and manipulate.
In general, this program is very complete in case you want to enter this business.

Yaniset Acuna – Lehigh Acres, FL

Thank you so much for taking your time to put all those materials together, it was really very useful, I truly appreciate it.
Rosa Montano – Lawrenceville, GA

Everything is offered properly and efficiently so there is no doubt for me to recommend someone else take the course.

Jean Zakaria – Cedar Rapids, IA

I think the course is perfect.

Mercedes Rego – Naples, FL

Lais Rafaela Santos Lima – Dallas, TX

This was the best course, the material was sufficient to enable me be a tax preparer. What remains now is to put into practice what I have learnt so far. Overall I enjoyed the course, congratulations for making the course available to us.

John Langat – San Antonio, TX

This course was extremely beneficial and it gives a exceptional comfort level in preparing taxes.

Mark Clayborne – Spring Hill, TN

I’m honestly very pleased to have attended and completed this course successfully. This course is very well organized on the online platform.
The materials are very well structured at the technical level and contain the right information. Also, the materials reading and audio are also very necessary and clear.
The self-assessments and exams are built in the right way and the opportunity to consider the best exam result is very positive as it helps to better acquire the knowledge gained.
I express my appreciation for this course and indisputably it was very valuable. I think it’s worth a lot for me and for my future in the tax field.
Thank you very much to your instructors and all the staff of the National Tax Training School for this opportunity.

Enkelejda Brahaj – Lakewood, OH

The course was a good look at federal income tax from a general overview. I will definitely refer back to the materials in the future and would recommend this to others.

Holden Varvel – Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for the materials, I’ve learned so much from it. And even compared it on Philippine Individual taxation at times.
I’ll be using these what I learned from here on my actual job. THANK YOU!

Philip Ongpauco – Gapan City, Philippines

I would like to thank everyone involved in creating this course. Thanks to the professor for his timely and detailed responses!

Alexandria Taylor – Atlanta, GA

I completed the tax course and learned a lot with the reading material. Thank you for allowing people like me to take exams online and finish this special tax course at our own pace. It was a great experience and I would recommend the National Tax Training School to others.

Miriam Perez – Laguna Niguel, CA

I am very thankful to NTT School for the Federal Income Tax course. The course material was comprehensible, all exams and self-assessment quizzes were not too difficult. Thanks to this course I’ve got knowledge that’s going to be useful for my further career.
Tatyana Butrina – Germantown, MD

Would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about taxes.
Vincent Dunston – Zebulon, NC

I love the course.
Elena Franco – Russellville, AL

The course was very practical and clear to understand. The examples truly helped understand complex topics.
Joshua Hunt – North Richland Hills, TX

The course was very informative and easy to follow along.
Donnie Cannon – Greensboro, NC

It was a great course to take as a review for all tax topics!
Tara Brennan – Big Rapids, MI

Great course and very informative.
Richard C Johnson – Buffalo, NY

Congratulations to all of you that work hard to give us this material
Marcia Dos Santos – New Rochelle, NY

The Advanced Tax Course was excellent. I am a 59-year-old working in Corporate Reporting but wanted this refresher to get ready to open a small firm once I am “retired” from Corporate America.
The online materials and testing were state of the art. The practice quizzes leading up to the exams greatly reinforced learning. Grading was almost instantaneous. I highly recommend the course!
Pete Gallagher – Bethel, CT

I enjoyed the class I have learned a lot about taxes and have been able to advise international clients on U.S. tax topics that have come up. I work for a Global payroll provider and a lot of our clients are overseas so I have been able to guide them in tax issues that will affect their employee’s working in the U.S.
Shawnessy Gaynor – Oakhurst, CA

I thought the course was great. I look forward to taking the advanced tax course.

Kristina Vaughan – Chesnee, SC

I truly enjoyed the challenge of studying and testing through the multiple subjects of taxes. It was nice to have the self assessment quizzes, and the freedom to work at my own pace! The textbook made studying easy and more organized and I love that I have this as a tool to reference!

Asia Stewart – Atlanta, GA

The course has provided great insight!
Sergio Anselmo – Greensboro, NC

I want to appreciate National Tax Training School for the knowledge transferred to me through this program.
This was the best decision I took to satisfy my tax need and the NTTS served me just right.
A. Tamba Mbayoh – Laurel, MD

I appreciate the format of each lesson. It broke down the learning material into easy to understand sections.
It was just the right amount of information in each lesson so that it wasn’t too stressful to sit for multiple hours at time to study.
Magen Ingram – Newark, DE

Great Course. Very Reliable Staff.
Adam Maiti – Methuen, MA

This is a great course with a lot of important information that we all should know.
Jefferson Vidal – Jersey City, NJ

Overall great course, I learned a lot. Professor Kaufold was great and always responded quickly to my emails.

Leslea De La Torre – Lake Elsinore, CA

I really appreciate the learning process and I will highly recommend my friends and anyone who wants to explore more knowledge in the taxation field for better understanding on how the tax preparations work. Finally, thank you very much for this program and I won’t regret having this course taken with your institution.
Mark Morris – West Des Moines, IA

I enjoyed the course and I am thankful I was able to take and successfully pass. It was an excellent and well informed course that will help me for many years to come in the tax business.
I recommend this to any one looking to start a Tax Prep business full time or on the side.
Hunter Cantrell – Chatsworth, GA

The courses were very well explained and easy to understand. I appreciate you having this course for people that look forward to learning about tax laws or want to start a business on tax services. Overall I had a very good experience and I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone.
Nathali Avalos – Fairfax, VA

I would like to thank the staff and the Professor. I enjoyed this course, I’m so excited.
Vicentina Renesto – Hallandale Beach, FL

Excellent Course.
Isaac Pierce – Camden, SC

The course is excellent and helpful …will recommend it to any of my relatives.
Carlos Medina – Belleville, NJ

I started out on my journey to learn more about doing taxes and the tax laws not knowing that I would be starting my own business. Now I have the tools to do my own taxes for my business. I really appreciate the National Tax Training School. Thank you.
Brenda Jackson – Orlando, FL

I enjoyed the course and I’m considering taking the advanced course at a later date. I’m very much looking forward to my journey ahead.
Thank You!!!!
Taffi Barton – San Tan Valley, AZ

I enjoyed studying and completing the exams in this course. Due to its good and systematic methodology I was able to learn all of the topics well.

Mir Sadat – Woodbridge, VA

Enjoyed every aspect of the learning plans, quizzes and chapter exams.

Charles Scaperotto – Haymarket, VA

I loved the course!

Tara Fracaro – Eastpoint, FL

The course material is knowledgeable, easy to read and understand. By studying and completing this course one enables himself to understand and know about his tax liabilities, prepare his personal tax returns. Being a professional tax preparer one can help and serve others.
During pandemic stay home time is best to take and study this course. I am happy and enjoyed to study and complete this course during this pandemic stay home time

I am thankful and appreciate National Tax Training School for providing the opportunity of learning this course.

Abdul Ahmed – Ontario,Canada

I enjoyed taking this course. I found it very helpful and knowledgeable. I really feel like this course helped prepare me for my tax preparer needs.

Jenna Battaglia – Oakmont, PA

Overall I think the course was very helpful with me trying to pursue a career in tax preparation. I’m very thankful.

Ali Salaam – Lexington, KY

This was a great informative course that was easy to understand and study the material. I enjoyed all I learned about taxes.

Robert Moore – Binghamton, NY

I appreciate the opportunity that you gave me to achieve my goals during the pandemic crisis .

Jean-Marie Jovin – Miami Gardens, FL

Overall I appreciated, and learned a lot from the course. Thank you very much.

Kevin Taber – Auburn, CA

I was very satisfied and then some. Feel like it should answer 90 percent of what I should face as a tax preparer.

Shalanda Warner – Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you for a very informative and educational course. I feel more comfortable tackling individual tax returns from the standpoint of understanding the basis for the questions. More importantly I have a firm foundation in starting a new business as a tax preparer.

Domenic Carisetti – Orchard Park, NY

This course was a great foundation in the beginning of my career as a tax preparer.

Ashley Bione – Shawnee, OK

I loved and appreciated how each unit included examples with calculations in them.

Leisa Eto – Koloa, HI

Everything was great.

Nicauri Reynoso – Bronx, NY

The course was cost-effective and easy to navigate through.

Rayshaud Barkley – Shelby, NC

I thank the school for giving the best material so that I and other students can achieve a new goal in life.
I have nothing negative to say and I am grateful for finding this school.

Katherine Baez Cintron – Temple, PA

Great experience!

Stephen Carpenter – Cary, NC

I appreciate the intense knowledge this course has provided me. I look forward to using it all in my future career as a tax preparer.

Alismari Tapanes – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Overall, I really enjoyed the course.

Chasmin Bradford – Frisco, TX

I thought the text and exams were appropriate and adequate.

Jere Hunt – Sunnyside, NY

I felt the course was thorough and “easy” to understand.

Carol LaMora – Rolla, MO

I enjoyed and liked the course very much.

Francisco Jimenez – Delray Beach, FL

I enjoyed the online courses and the staff was very helpful whenever I needed help or have any questions, therefore i am very satisfied with the program.

V. C. – Winter Garden, FL

This program was the right choice for me! It met all my scheduling needs, almost no deadlines (within the year), great professors, quick responses, and easy to move around in the online course.
Sharon Denny – Winder, GA

Excellent course lots of accurate information I enjoyed this learning process!

Luis Valenzuela – Tucson, AZ

Very satisfied with material. I have a greater understanding of taxes.
I appreciate the insight that National Tax Training School provided.
William Landers – Greenville, NC

It was a good experience I was happy with the results. I would highly recommend anyone to National Tax Training School

Otbert Jean Charles – Orlando, FL

I am very satisfied! I will recommend this course to all my friends.
Congratulations National Tax Training School!
Carmen Vlad – Simpsonville, SC

I was very pleased with the course, and have referred it to a couple of folks. The online platform was user friendly, and was quick to response to questions. I give it a 9 of 10 on the overall program.
Carlos Menduina – Hazleton, PA

I loved the course and very easy to understand because on how it explains it.
Martha Barrientos – Bakersfield, CA

Thank you for this course. I have learned many new things which will help me in continuing my path towards accounting.

Aksana Radzevich – Philadelphia , PA

The material was extremely informative. I loved the examples that were presented.
Flora Betts – Shorewood, IL

Complete course with lots of details. Very helpful for tax prep. business and self tax preparation.

Tatyana Menshikova – Louisa, VA

The course was well written an the examples were very good, which helped me achieve a practical grasp of the concepts.

James D. Groce – Frisco, TX

This was so great and a very helpful experience!
I look forward to using the reading material as a resource for at least the foreseeable future for myself in my tax preparation business.

Melina Young – Williamsburg, OH

This was a very thorough and challenging course.
While there was a lot of data and information packed into the course, I felt the over-all presentation was well apportioned to the modules and fairly easy to digest.

Christopher Bush – Lutherville, MD

I thought this course was well designed and easy to follow and complete.
I appreciated being able to study the course!

Shelby L. Stewart – Middlesex, NY

I really enjoyed the lessons.

Amanda Reid – Madison, AL

Overall, the course was informative and gave a good foundation for completing tax returns. The instructor was accessible and addressed my questions quickly and thoroughly.
I enjoyed taking this course and I would highly recommend it.
Ronald Pollack – Royersford, PA

The course was extremely friendly in regards to what was expected, the layout of the readings and the questions of the exams.

Kevin Meadows – Anaheim, CA

Loved the course.

Elva Pflug – Danville, KY

Overall this was a great course. I learned a valuable amount of information.

Demetrios Huggins – Glenville, NY

Learned a lot, excellent information.

Tin Thwair – Fort Worth, TX

I love how everything just flows together. I went from one section to the next and I was able to keep up with everything that I was reading. I loved this course and look forward to the advanced course.

Diona Moss – Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for the chance I had to do this.

Priscilla Gonzales – Los Osos, CA

Enjoyed the course! Thank you.

Lindsay Filak – New Hope, MN