Chapter 14

Special Tax Computation Methods, Tax Credits, and Payment of Tax

Alternative Minimum Tax
Self-Employment Tax
Overview of Tax Credits
Child Tax Credit
Child and Dependent Care Credit
Tax Credit for the Elderly and Disabled
Adoption Credit
American Opportunity Tax Credit
Lifetime Learning Credit
Residential Energy Credits
Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit
Miscellaneous Credits
Foreign Tax Credit
General Business Credits
Refundable Credits
Earned Income Credit
Homebuyer Tax Credit (HTC)
Payment of Taxes
Withholding of Taxes
Estimated Tax Payments
Tables and Forms
Tax Table and Rate Schedules
Tax Research Working Paper File
Completed Tax Forms
MACRS and ACRS Tables
Statements on Responsibilities in Tax Practice (SRTPs)
Comparison of Tax Attrributes for C Corporations, Partnerships, and S Corporations
Credit for State Death Taxes
Actuarial Tables