Advanced Course in Federal Taxation

The next step in your career as a tax professional!

Whether you trained as a tax preparer through NTTS or not, the Advanced Course in Federal Taxation covers everything you’ll need to know to provide a complete suite of tax consultant services for partnerships, corporations, fiduciaries, estates, and more. You’ll learn hundreds of ways to plan tax strategy and achieve significant tax savings for your clients, complete with problem examples and solutions to study and review.

Log in to your online student learning portal on any internet-connected device. Study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. Finish in weeks or take up to a year, and explore as much as you like of the fascinating history, background, and landmark legal decisions that have shaped tax law.

Your online learning experience is backed up with a complete set of hardcopy reference materials for offline use, and up to a year of consultation with our business management and tax subject matter experts on any issues that may arise which are relevant to the tax provisions covered in the course.

Course Fees:

Advanced Course in Federal Taxation– Individual & Corporations
A) Pay in full upon enrollment: $745

B) 2 Payment Plan: Two payments of $380 – Total: $760
First payment due with enrollment; Second payment in 45 days.

Above fees include the $125 Registration Fee.

Shipping $14.95
All required texts, registration, and registration fees are included.
See our refund policy and terms.

Complete online course with hardcopy reference materials includes:


Clear and complete step-by-step course materials, including case studies, illustrations, examples, and computation samples to cover the widest range of tax situations.


Test your mastery, identify areas needing further review, and learn through the challenge of testing. The course materials are accompanied by hundreds of practical problems and their solutions to challenge you, motivate you, and help you learn the principles behind the course content and develop the resources to solve new problems as they arise in your practice.


Every student is assigned a skilled, experienced instructor to guide them. Your mentor will be a practicing tax professional, current on all tax preparation procedures, and knowledgeable about the day-to-day operations of a professional tax practice. This personal service is one of the cornerstones of National Tax Training School’s effectiveness and popularity.


A series of online, interactive self-practice quizzes and examinations will reinforce your learning and monitor your progress. After being graded automatically, instant feedback will be provided. Your instructor, will be glad to provide you with detailed, personalized help on any of the topics covered.


A beautifully inscribed Professional Tax Consultant’s Certificate, suitable for framing, is awarded upon successful completion of the training program. Proudly display your achievements in your business or home office.


You are entitled to our Consultation and Advisory Service for one year following the date of your enrollment in the tax course. You may request consultation, expert advice and guidance on matters covered in the course which affect the establishment and operation of your tax practice, and subject to availability of staff time, technical questions and problems relating to income tax law and procedures may be submitted to us for authoritative answers or referral to sources of additional information. Of course, we encourage our graduates to take advantage of our Continuing Education opportunities.