The Tax School

Since 1952, National Tax School has helped over 40,000 students become professional tax preparers. Even with no prior accounting or taxation experience, you can earn your certificate from our tax school in as little as 8-10 weeks.

The tax school specializes in courses that have been purposely created for home study – so you can study online in the convenience of your own home and at your own pace.

As the only nationally accredited distance learning tax school that specializes in tax preparer training, you have the assurance of a top-notch education.

The tax training program is written by our school’s team of highly skilled tax professionals and experienced educators in a clear concise manner, and  is designed to impart to the student the knowledge needed to understand the theory and concepts of the US federal tax system in addition to the practical application of filing tax forms. This in-depth training has enabled NTTS graduates to take their places among the leading tax consultants in many communities throughout the nation.

In addition to a solid training program in taxation, NTTS provides its students with the effective proven business building instructions needed to attain success in this and any other professional field. This invaluable information is contained in the “Building, Marketing and Operating a Profitable Tax Practice” manual.

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