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Summer is the time when most people take vacation and think about what they are going to do after the Labor Day Weekend, which is the sign of when summer usually ends. People think about going back to school, their careers, their pocketbooks, inflation, and how costs are rising. Especially during the summer of 2022 when inflation was at a historical high and gas prices surpassed over $5.00 a gallon. During the time period as we approach Labor Day, many people find themselves in need of a new career and a new job. Many people want to start a new job right after Labor Day and the others are too stressed to push it off any longer and prefer to start working before the summer ends so that they are settled. A new career in tax preparation is timely right now, because now is when people start preparing not only for a new financial year that starts in September, but also they want to be ready for January 1, 2023.

Why A Career In Tax Preparation Is Timely Right Now

Tax season officially starts in January when people start preparing their own IRS federal and state  tax returns. During this time, accountants and CPAs usually request statements and documents from clients. This is also the season and month when companies send out W2 forms and 1099s to their employees. The Fall is the time to pursue education, training, and position yourself in order to be ready for the upcoming tax season. Once January 1st comes around, you want to have your name and your tax business shingle hanging out for all to see. You also want to have your advertising and marketing in place because that is when everyone becomes aware that they need help with their taxes for the year. You have to have ample time to learn, practice and train to be prepared to start, and confident that you are ready to provide these important IRS tax preparation and financial services.

Who Should Consider A Career In Tax Preparation?

What makes a good candidate to enroll In tax preparation courses? Anyone that already has a knack for numbers should consider a career in tax prep. A person that enjoys making calculations and who is creative at figuring out strategies that save money, are great candidates. Detail oriented people who like to read the fine print and search around for bargains, calculating and comparing numbers and prices, utilizing spreadsheets with  columns consisting of pros and cons are great prospects for a career in tax preparation. Highly organized individuals will immediately realize that they will be very successful in this type of career. The mindset of working with numbers, envisioning a better way to work with them and ultimately coming to a money-saving conclusion, creates the most successful candidate in tax preparation.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Tax Preparer?

To become a tax preparer, you do not have to be a college graduate. With a GED and/or a high school diploma, one who does well in math has the potential of succeeding in the field of tax preparation. One does not have to be a genius or an academic wiz to be successful, you just have to be prepared to concentrate and deal with intricate numbers and details. National Tax Training School teaches students from the ground up. With any background, path of education and average IQ, one is destined to thrive in this exciting field. One who is ultimately dedicated to learning tax preparation and gets the proper foundation training, will develop great experience in no time.

Why Is Experience The Best Education?

To become an artist, you have to have it in you. With tax preparation, you must initially be dedicated to learning. Then, after a short while of working in the field, with each client and each scenario of saving people money, one gains the most valuable experience.

What Are The Resources Needed To Start A Career In Tax Preparation?

People with limited resources can still start learning tax preparation today. You don’t have to invest a significant amount of money, and with a surprisingly minimal investment one may enroll in our course. Tax software is another investment preparers will need to purchase.

Students can access the online learning system from the comfort of their home, a cafe, coffee shop or anywhere at any time. With basic Internet, wifi access and a laptop or smartphone, students enrolled in the course will conveniently be able to complete their training and studies that will last them a lifetime. 

When Should One Start Training To Become A Tax Preparation Professional?

One will need anywhere from a few weeks to a few months in order to be ready for Tax Season. National Tax Training School is constantly updating the tax preparer course, and in fact just finalized the most current version and released it to all recently enrolled students. These students will be getting the most up to date version of the course. That’s why, NOW is the optimal time to enroll. NTTS constantly strives to add timely updates to the curriculum as a result of Congressional changes to the tax laws. In fact, President Biden just passed a bill called the Inflation Reduction Act. Although it may not have a significant impact on basic United States taxation, it does indeed have tax ramifications. Now is the time to become familiar with all of the new and updated changes that are happening AND going to happen. Usually, these updates get implemented by Congress at this time of the year when Congress returns to office after summer vacation. Congress then focuses on these acts, tax provisions, and extensions of previous revisions.

How Long Does The National Tax Preparation Program Course Run?

The course is 150 hours of self paced study. The student is in the driver’s seat and sets the pace. If we break it down by two hours daily, it’s about 10 weeks worth of program. If a student starts today, by the end of the 2nd month or sometime in the 3rd month, they should comfortably be able to finish the course. With all this under consideration, finishing the program will likely take one 8 – 10 weeks. Some people give themselves even more time to feel confident so within 3 months they are ready to start taking on clientele.

How Can One Start Their Own Tax Preparation Business? 

First, one will need time after finishing the National Tax Training School tax preparation course in order to absorb and review the material they have learned. Some professionals will want to find office space, sublet or work from home. It is also recommended to have enough time to advertise and to do some research on your local and regional market.In the beginning of the tax season, expect to be busy while also maintaining a business development strategy. You will not want to turn away any potential clients.

Building a Profitable Tax Practice

The Guide Book (https://www.nationaltax.edu/publications/building-a-profitable-tax-practice/) we give out to students helps them build their tax practice business. The National Tax Training School guide book, “Building a Profitable Tax Practice” is written by National Tax and it covers everything you need to know on how to successfully establish and maintain a tax preparation business. 

Topics covered in the book include:

  • IRS requirements
  • Office technology
  • Successful marketing strategies
  • Staff hiring
  • Ethical responsibility
  • Billing and Fee structure
  • Collections
  • Handling IRS tax audits
  • Professional development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reporting

Is A Career In Tax Preparation Stable?

Every US citizen is required to file taxes, so a tax preparer offers essential services that everybody needs. When tax clients are satisfied, they will depend on the professional for their taxes year after year and even refer their friends and family. As one consistently provides tax preparation services, they build on existing and return client work experience as their client base grows. Expanding a business by establishing a professional network and concentrating on retention makes the business even more stable. 

How Profitable Is A Career In Tax Preparation? 

A tax preparer has unlimited potential to grow his or her income as much as they are willing. As mentioned above, everyone needs their taxes done. A tax preparer will always be able to provide services and they can work as much as they want and as little as they want. One can work part time and still be very busy during Tax Season.

Tax Preparer vs. Bookkeeper/ CPA/ Accountant? 

A tax preparer 100% COMPLEMENTS being a bookkeeper, CPA and/or accountant. There is no conflict whatsoever and if anything, the professional and their clients benefit from their knowledge and experience greatly.

An accounting degree isn’t for everyone. Though there are plenty of benefits over tax preparation, getting an accounting degree requires much more time, effort and a significant investment.

Accounting also involves a wide range of financial services such as financial statements, business regulations, corporate structuring etc. whereas a tax preparer focuses on the tax aspect. Preparing tax returns, providing tax related advice and skillfully concentrating on finding tax savings is a major benefit of taking our tax prep course.

A significant percentage of CPAs certainly have knowledge of tax preparation, but they aren’t necessarily experts. They usually have staff and employees like students of ours, who do their tax prep work for them. A CPA is a general term for someone that went to college and received a degree in accounting. A CPA is a designation, and that means working on the overall finances of individuals, corporations and businesses.

Students who are not yet ready to start a business on their own, will often end up with great opportunities. Many CPAs and accounting firms are constantly seeking to hire individuals with tax preparation expertise to fulfill their client needs. This is quite common and especially true around tax season. 

All in all, becoming a tax preparer is quite advantageous and beneficial since CPAs are not only looking for these professionals, but also are looking for partners. 

Bookkeepers will find that having professional tax preparation knowledge will greatly add to their overall offerings and services. They naturally deal with many clients who ultimately need their taxes completed and filed. With the addition of a tax preparer on staff, bookkeepers are able to offer to their existing client base financial services as well as tax help. 

Why Is Tax Preparation A Satisfying Career? 

There’s nothing more satisfying and empowering than when you immediately show people how to save money. When you help US Citizens and show savings in their taxes, the money you save them is money in their pocket. All professionals desire their clients to be pleased. When one shows a client how to move around personal and corporate finances with security, they gain a satisfied customer. 

Who Can Establish a Thriving Tax Practice?

Many ask if they need prior experience and skills in order to succeed in a career in tax preparation. Former mechanics, school teachers, salespeople, homemakers, and employees from different industries have all thrived in the field of tax preparation. So when one asks if this path is right for them, National Tax Training School replies ABSOLUTELY!

About National Tax Training School (NTTS)

National Tax Training School was founded in 1952 and over the past 60+ years has grown into the most recognized and respected distance learning institution dedicated to training its students in US federal taxation. NTTS is dedicated to providing Federal Income Tax Courses, IRS Annual Filing Education, Tax Preparation Classes, and IRS Annual Filing Season Programs.