How Much Does a Tax Preparer Make?

Being a Tax Preparer is profitable!

A tax preparer is capable of producing a quicker and greater financial return – for the time, money and effort expended – than just about any other career you can name. A few clients an evening during the “tax season” can add thousands to your income in the brief span of three months … and several times as much in a full-time practice over the same short period. If you also accept business clients for year-’round service, your income can soar into the high five- figures within two or three years’ time.

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Naturally, returns for the low bracket individuals, because of their simplicity and of the relatively little skills required, bring lower fees.

On the other hand, because they can be handled quickly, preparing returns for lower income, lower fee taxpayers on a volume basis can be very profitable.

Serving higher income taxpayers and self-employed individuals, though the work is not really complicated, requires a greater amount of skill and obviously justifies higher fees. Moreover, these taxpayers often turn into a prolific source of additional fees by way of recommending new, similarly situated, clients as well as by their frequent need for additional tax services during the year. The typical tax practice grows at a yearly rate of 25 to 50 percent during the early years.

Many of our graduates find that the most satisfying challenging part of their business lies in serving these more lucrative types of clients but the National Tax Training School training program fully qualifies you to attract and serve all groups and classes of taxpayers.

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