Why Become a Tax Preparer?

tax preparer careerTax Preparation is a respected profession.

Being a Tax Preparer enables you to help virtually any adult citizen fulfill their obligations as a taxpayer. This professional service is not only indispensable to most members of your community; it is also vital to the Nation’s economy. And the specialized skills and knowledge that go into it command a position of prestige and high esteem. A Tax consulting career is recognized as a dynamic field with unlimited opportunities for service and advancement.

Being a Tax Preparer is satisfying!

Thanks to the personal rewards of advising and assisting people with real problems … and winning their appreciation and their gratitude,

  • By finding deductions they may not know about.
  • By turning tax liabilities into refunds.
  • By saving them headaches and anxiety – as well as money.

What’s more, sharing the intimate, privileged details of people’s financial lives creates relationships of great trust and confidentiality between you and your clients.

The Federal Income Tax Course will teach you all of the above and much more.

It is a dependable profession.

In good times or bad. Remember the saying: “Nothing is certain except death and taxes”? It’s as true as ever. And that means that your earning power as a trained Tax Consultant or Tax Preparer is limited only by the time you choose to devote to it. You may handle just a few clients a week in your spare time, and only during the “tax season”.. . or develop a full-time, year-’round tax consulting business of your own. In either case, both your efforts and rewards are under your own control – no matter where you live, how old you are, or what your circumstances.

See IRS Projections of Federal Tax Return Filings

Being a Tax Preparer is profitable!

… capable of producing a quicker and greater financial return – for the time, money and effort expended – than just about any other career you can name. A few clients an evening during the “tax season” can add thousands to your income in the brief span of three months … and several times as much in a full-time practice over the same short period. If you also accept business clients for year-’round service, your income can soar into the high five- figures within two or three years’ time.

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