Building a Profitable Tax Practice


A practical guide to running a successful and professional tax practice.

Sixth Revised Edition

NTTS Publication: Building, Marketing, and Operating a Profitable Tax Practice - FREE with course

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This book is sent to our students enrolled with our Federal Income Tax course. While written primarily for students enrolled in the National Tax distance learning or online course in Federal Income Tax, we have made it available for purchase to the general public too. Building a Tax Practice is a real treasure house with hundreds of pages packed with tested and proven methods, ideas and techniques that show you how to quickly build a flourishing full-time or part-time tax preparation business and keep it running smoothly.

Some of the topics covered in this book

  • How to get clients and how to convert them into lucrative repeat clients
  • How to attract the most profitable type of clients
  • How to streamline your office procedures for greatest efficiency
  • How to obtain additional income from and through your clients
  • How to set, increase and collect your fees
  • How to expertly and successfully handle IRS audits
  • How to create and enhance your reputation as a skilled, astute tax practitioner
  • How to ease your peak season work load
  • How to hire, train and manage assistants
  • How to get the best deal in selling, merging (or buying) a tax practice
  • How to comply with the rough tax preparer provisions

Plus much, much more …

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This work is dedicated to the thousands of National Tax students and graduates throughout the United States (and abroad) whose enthusiasm, professionalism, and success stories have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to us for over five decades.
We are particularly grateful to the many NATIONAL TAX subscribers and customers — the men and women, both students and non-students — who have supplied us with some of the material in this book.
They graciously shared with us their experiences, patiently answered detailed surveys and questionnaires regarding fees, marketing methods, promotional strategies, etc. Many went out of their way to submit innovative ideas, point out potential pitfalls or volunteer other valuable inside information… for no other reason than to extend a helping hand to their fellow professionals.
We are indeed proud to be in such good company.