Tax Consultant

Being a Tax Consultant and a Tax Preparer gives you a fast start on your choice of 3 profitable career paths, with no pressure and no investment!

Route 1:
  A substantial second income in your spare time. 
Men and women of every age and every occupational background – including wage-earners, busy housewives and mothers, and retired persons – choose this way of adding to their incomes or reaching specific financial goals. By working part-time, as they do, in the evenings and on weekends -from mid-January to mid-April – you can expect to make thousands of dollars in your very first tax season. Fees ranging from $75 to $90 and more an hour are typically charged for the preparation of income tax returns for individuals. And the more hours you devote to this lucrative practice, the faster your earnings will grow. Best of all, you can earn this second income working right at home, with practically no investment. 

Route 2:  A full-time tax service business of your own. 
The goal of many NTTS students is to work only for themselves, earning enough to become independent of any other employment. Most of these graduates approach this objective conservatively … taking two or three years to build their businesses to a self-supporting volume. Our Manual of Successful Tax Practice, included with your training program at no extra charge, shows how to do it, step by step. Starting with the preparation of individual tax returns, NTTS graduates soon find opportunities to handle payroll tax work for business clients and advise them on the tax consequences of various business decisions. Often they also prepare sales tax and excise tax returns, plus various other required reports and documents.

Route 3:  A well-paid job in a professional firm or business. 
Many NTTS students subscribe to our training program in order to qualify for better-paying positions in companies in which they already work. Some are bookkeepers, accountants or attorneys; others have no knowledge of these fields or of tax matters. But regardless of their previous experience, or lack of it, the highly efficient NTTS training method provides the thorough preparation necessary to secure well-paid employment. This program has opened the door to excellent career positions for a large number of our graduates – with tax preparation firms, public accountancy firms, attorneys, and other service organizations and businesses – in their choice of part-time or year, round employment. Many others were rewarded with pay raises, job advancement, or transferred to more responsible, more lucrative positions.