Tax Preparation Course Materials

As a student you will be entitled to the following Tax Preparer Training Materials, Services, & Benefits furnished as you progress with your studies.

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1. Complete Text Material

A thoroughly practical always up-to-date text – written especially for home study. The training materials are designed to give the student a sound foundation for success in tax preparation by covering all pertinent phases of the Federal individual income tax and how it applies to every day business and personal transactions. Particular emphasis is devoted to tax saving ideas, methods and strategies. Hundreds of examples and illustrations help you understand – and retain – the various tax rules, regulations and procedures. See our complete course outline to learn more.

2. Self-Check Practice Problems

A series of quizzes and problems follow every study unit – along with completely worked out solutions. This gives you immediate feedback, points out your weak spots for review and further study, and lets you accurately gauge your progress.

3. Examination Problems

Every lesson is followed by an examination consisting of practical tax problems, drills and exercises that you submit to the school. The examinations can be submitted to the school by mail, email, or they can be taken online. This provides you with ample opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice; it also enables your instructor to keep up with your personal progress. At the end of the course you will be given a final examination that covers the complete course.

4. Instruction & Grading Service

Experienced instructors grade all examinations. The examinations (excluding the final examination) are returned to you with corrections and suggestions, augmented – when necessary – by personal correspondence. Examinations that are taken on-line are interactive and are graded automatically . You are given friendly personal supervision and every assistance needed to help you master the training program quickly and easily.

5. Practical Case Studies

This separate section of the tax preparer training program provides you with actual tax return work and accustoms you to the use and preparation of the latest Internal Revenue Service forms. This portion of the course contains Practical Case Studies along with Advanced Problems and Forms. This comprehensive series of independent tax return preparation assignments is designed to help you become thoroughly familiar with the various Federal Tax Forms and Schedules you will encounter in your practice as a tax preparer. Featured are problems for a wide variety of taxpayers, so as to make you adept at preparing returns for the different classes of clients.

6. Student Guidance Service

You will receive expert, individualized attention and counseling through the entire tax preparer training program. You are invited to submit any questions relating to the course of study, and you will receive prompt, clear and authoritative answers.

7. Building and Operating a Successful Tax Practice Book

This 250 page text – an exclusive and comprehensive business building guide – published by National Tax Training School, will show you how to start and develop your profitable tax practice in your own home or office – part time or full time. It contains full instructions on how to get clients, what to charge, making your business grow, dealing with the IRS, etc. The book will give you a wealth of practical information and specific techniques that would normally take you years to acquire and which you can use at once to help you get established and get ahead faster as a tax preparer. The manual will be shipped as soon as you have completed the basic portion of the course.

8. Reference Book

This extremely valuable 850-page Federal Tax handbook – written in a clear, concise, non-technical language – provides instant answers to hundreds of critical tax questions, and will help you resolve the tax problems that arise in everyday business and personal transactions. An indispensable reference book used by tax professionals in their everyday practice.

9. Graduation Certificate

Upon completion of the required examinations with an average grade of “C” or better and fulfillment of your financial obligation to the school, you will receive our distinctive handsome Certificate, beautifully inscribed with your name, to frame and display on the walls of your home or office.

10. Postgraduate Services

Your student benefits do not end once you complete your tax preparer training program and receive your Graduation Certificate. As an NTTS graduate you will continue to enjoy the following services and benefits for one year after graduation .


a. Postgraduate Revision Service – to keep you abreast of changes in the tax laws, rules and regulations via NTTS Tax Change Bulletins. These bulletins will come to you annually before the beginning of the tax season and thus will keep your skills and training always current and up-to-date.


b. Consultation and Advisory Service – entitles you, during the same one year period, to request at any time consultation, expert advice and guidance on matters affecting the establishment and operation of your tax practice. Additionally, subject to availability of staff time, technical questions and problems relating to individual income tax law and procedures may be submitted to us for authoritative answers or referral to sources of additional information.

The tuition fee includes all above training material, services, and benefits.

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