Tax Book Table of Contents

Tax Book  – Table of Contents

A Word to the Reader
Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    Tax Practice — What It Takes to Succeed
Chapter 3    Establishing Your Office
Chapter 4    PTIN Requirements per the IRS
Chapter 5    Updating Office Technology & Today’s Tax Professional
Chapter 6    Successfully Marketing Your Practice
Chapter 7    Purchasing a Client or a Practice
Chapter 8    Expanding Your Practice
Chapter 9    Tax Return Procedure
Chapter 10  Streamlining Your Office
Chapter 11  Hiring Staff Members
Chapter 12  Fees and Billing
Chapter 13  Collecting Your Fees
Chapter 14  Obtaining Additional Income from Clients
Chapter 15  Ethical Responsibilities of the Tax Consultant
Chapter 16  Tax Audits and How to Handle Them
Chapter 17  Assuring Your Advancement through Professional Self-Development
Chapter 18  Should You Consider a Tax Office Franchise?
Chapter 19  How to Profitably Sell or Merge Your Practice
Chapter 20 Niche Markets and Value-Added Services
Chapter 21  Sample Portfolio Letters
Chapter 22  Special Practice Builder Reports
Appendix    Average Tax Return Fees